Hello! My name is Malcolm Camsell and I am a singer/songwriter.  

I also bring the party with a massive catalog of tasty covers ranging from classic rock to alternative to old country.

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Covers Lover 

First off I do not know Freebird.

However I could probably rock a fire pit for 3 hours without repeating myself and that's without playing any original material.

My dad kicked me in the ass (figuratively) and said he didn't want to hear me play unless I could finish the song.  A very good lesson and a real representation of the general audience.

My uncle Tommy taught me an entire song and here it is.  Harlow pipes up a bit but I'm partial to her singing voice.

After he passed away I received 2 of his guitars.  My brother Kyle had this one (Fender) and kindly returned it to me on my request.  It got a tweak on the neck and some new strings and she sings the way she needs to again.

So I started with the music I loved to listen to, alternative 90's rock. Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc. I learned a lot of these simply by listening to them over and over and over.

Then I started entering talent shows and they want old country.  Hank Sr., Conway Twitty, Marty Robbins, Roger Miller etc. So I plugged away at those and earned a few thousand bucks over 5 years winning or placing or showing in those events.

Then the classic rock bug hit and I knew if I were to truly be a human juke box I needed to learn Bob Seger, CCR, Neil Young, and Fleetwood Mac.  

I find that if I'm playing to a group of people I always want the older ones to tap their toes or sing along.

So to continue my love of the cover song I am doing a 3rd installment of #30covers and will welcome any (reasonable) requests.  I have another on deck that is from my cousin Rob in Colorado so expect some Doors soon...

New gig! 

I'm very excited to participate in this show.  These guys are organized!  I was scouted by them through social media and agreed to play and sell 20 tickets at $20.  I have about 3 weeks to make it happen and I am confident I can not only meet their demand of 20 but exceed it by another 20. Thank you in advance for your help! I've posted the link to purchase tickets on my home page.

In other news I have been a stay at home dad for the last 2 months and have about 6 more weeks of parental leave to go.  It has been dreamy spending all day everyday with Harlow who just turned 10 months on St. Paddy's Day. She loves books and broccoli and definitely prefers to be held. Her cuteness level continues to increase on a daily basis.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Marqee on April 18th!


Time for a band! 

I miss jamming!

This last weekend I got to play some camp fire favorites with a former band mate Boonseub at the Juree's stampede breakfast and it was so much fun.  We only got to play 5 songs but the audience was wonderfully receptive and they even laughed at my pirate joke.

It has been a year since Patchy Quilts, 6 years since Firewater & Fish, and 8 years since Psychedelogic. 

The last year has been wonderfully fulfilling with spending time in the studio thanks to my loving wife and in laws, who have given me studio time as a gift, as well as playing shows where I get to sing my original material.

But I miss band practice and speaking music with other people. 

And writing...


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