From the album Convenience King

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Sittin' in the middle of the gas of the past
And I'm thinkin' that my life is going nowhere fast
I look at all the beauty and I see a future me
Then I start to wonder if that's where I want to be
I have a pint of cream in my dream reality
Lookin' for that feeling that I put inside of me
I can feel it in my stomach I can feel it in my bones
I drink to get together but it makes me feel alone

So I'm steppin' outside of my pride for a minute
Cause I'll never be perfect still it's hard to admit it
And everybody likes to drink in a small town
If you don't well then you may as well go home and lie down

Love is kinda nice if you can feel it all the time
Sex is even better when it doesn't cost a dime
We're all here to have some fun is something I believe
Some people like to give I think it's better to receive
The day that was with a marijuana buzz
Naked with my buddy by the ocean just because
I got a girl named Lindsay in the buff right next to me
Feeling out the motion with some lotion by the sea

So I'm sittin' at the beach outta reach of my worries
If you don't slow down life will pass you in a hurry
I find inside my mind every kind of distraction
But I know just where to go when I need a little action

She's got a hot body rockin' with a tan in the sand
And a firm bottom yearning for the feeling of my hand
I step in from behind for a grind in the sun
Dip into the water for the dirty kind of fun
Well the ocean is feeling cool against my skin
I'm knocking on her door but she already let me in
With a touch of my hand I made the kitten moan
Without a sound I look around and I see we're all alone

And I can't stand it when it rains in the summer
Cause beauty's got the booty and she's giving me a hummer
And everybody likes to drink in a small town
And if you don't well then you may as well go home and lie down