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  1. Forget Perception

From the album Convenience King

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It doesn't matter where I am
I found out what matters most is who I am
Sticking songs inside a can
Lying in bed with both legs spread Alicia said amazing man

It didn't matter what she said
I just wanted her to give me head
That she did with ring in tongue
Reward for songs that I had sung

Behind a desk I dig burlesque
The image of a Judy nude is beautiful and picturesque
Can I be wasting all my time
A lovely dish of french fried fish and sipping Cindy's red red wine

Forget perception and sit up straight
To feel good simply masturbate
Show only finished product off
Illusion of the porn core soft

Courage lost with tongue on cheek
Satisfaction favours brash and disappointment favours meek
Can I be wasting all my time
What will they write when I'm dead he never got out of bed
But he loved Coronas with a lime

You know that I hope that I can be like the pope
If you ask me if I'm evil I can always say nope
Wear a fancy white hat sit on my ass and get fat
I'd fuck a nun in the ass no wait I couldn't do that