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  1. Convenience King

From the album Convenience King

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Larry went for a walk on day
He went on down the road
He saw a field in which he wanted to play
So he ran in the grass and did some cartwheels
He moved on down the winding path
On this Tuesday afternoon
He sang old songs as he did math
And fidgeted with his sleeve

Nobody knows poor Larry cried
As he purchased his slush from the Mac's
His poor fish Maynard had recently died
And broke his lonely heart

A bag of dope is what I need
Said Larry to his dealer friend
As he now had an ounce of weed
Larry went home to find some zig zags
He called his friend up on the phone
His childhood sweetheart Nadine
I've got some weed and I'm all alone
Won't you come over and smoke with me

Nadine and Larry sang a song
As they packed their bowl
We're going to smoke this pretty bong
And get right fucked up all night long

They smoked and smoked and smoked and smoked
And then they smoked some more
They smoked it all that ounce of weed
And walked to the convenience store

Now Nadine had two dollars
And Larry he had three
They pooled their money those crazy kids
And played the lottery

Larry bought five scratch and wins
They scratched and scratched and scratched
And what do you know on ticket four
Nadine got three that matched

One hundred bucks is what she won
She kissed Larry on the lips
We're rich we're rich we're rich we're rich
Let's go and get some chips
And chocolate bars and lot's of candy
And magazines that'd be so dandy

They spent it all that hundred bucks
That crazy Larry and Nadine
And to this day those two are known
As convenience king and queen