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  1. Little Middle

From the album Convenience King

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The devil is a bureaucrat he loves to laugh to
If infinity exists then I shouldn't have to
Preparing my position for that final transition
Building up a case for scientific superstition

I'm dozing at the wheel I need another cup of joe
I try to take 'em fast but it's better when it's slow

The gods of tits and ass are forever masturbating
So don't bother them with prayers can't you see they're concentrating
Entire families without water cause their government's in debt
While you think you're so important cause your needs aren't being met

I sold a secret to the Amish I know they'll never tell
If you laugh it means you're racist and you're going to go to hell
Front row seat the execution's starting in a sec
But the inmate isn't evil so he's only going to heck

Blimey what a down pour better get out your umbrella
Cause the fella with the cella's gonna take it acapella